Write Your Year

Reflect, Set Intentions, & Chart a Course for Your Writing Life

Writers & Creatives,

Ditch those endless lists of things you'll write or finally submit... someday...

There's a better way:

Reflect, set intentions, and chart an (intuitive & strategic) course for your writing life using the step-by-step process outlined in the Write Your Year Workbook.

As you complete each of the 10 worksheets inside you'll feel:
* Inspired by what you've already accomplished,

* Clear on what you want to achieve moving forward based on your personal goals (not FOMO),

* Confident that you have the tools and the plan to: Make. It. Happen!

You can keep feeling scattered or obligated to do *all the things.*


You can take some time for yourself and, with some guidance, finally get super clear on how you want your writing life to look and what concrete steps you can take in the next 12 months to get you closer to that life.

Write Your Year: 
Reflect, Set Intentions, and Chart a Course for Your Writing Life

$25 Value

Completing just ONE of these worksheets will help you enter the next month, season, and 12 months with more purpose.

While each worksheet can stand alone, the workbook a a whole is organized into the three sections outlined below with each worksheet building upon the last.



1. Look Back
2. Outgoing Year by the Numbers
3. Acknowledgements Page



4. Five W’s
5. Theme
6. New Year By the Numbers



7. Roadmap
8. Writing Life Compass
9. The Beyond the New Year List
10. Thank You New Year


Bonus 1:
Write Your Year Resources Library

$25 Value

This resource library is full of additional materials that complement each worksheet and can help you go deeper in your reflection, intention setting, and course charting.

Bonus 2
Write Your Year Archives:
Workbooks & Workshop Replays

$75 Value

Unlimited access to the archives includes workbooks and replays of all WYY workshops, beginning with the 2022 workbook & workshop.

Write Your Year

$25 USD

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But you don't have to take my word for it...

"Fifteen years ago, I embarked on my writing journey, starting with flash fiction and short stories that eventually bloomed into full-length novels. My mind teemed with creative projects, and I needed a tool to keep me on course. That's when I discovered Li Yun's 'Writing Your 2019 into Existence.' With its planning calendar, I charted my goals, priorities, and intentions. By year's end, I had several accomplishments. I still go through this process three years later. Making and sticking to a roadmap, I believe, led to a publishing contract. My first novel, THE GARDEN OF SECOND CHANCES, debuted in 2023, and my next book is scheduled for 2024."

Mona Alvarado Frazier
Author of The Garden of Second Chances and A Bridge Home (forthcoming)

What others have to say...

"Reflecting on the past year helped me realize how much I accomplished. Then the focus on setting up intentions for the next year made me realize how much I can do this year."
"I feel more confident having plotted things out, validated, and flexible but intentioned. I’ve already crossed out obligations in my calendar in favor of more writing time. And it felt so generous to center these around quarterly celebration."
"I absolutely loved the holistic approach to goal-setting in the workshop! Up until that point, I had only ever set career goals or your typical New Year's Resolution type goals, but Li Yun helped us to set goals in all areas of our lives—marriage, family, travel, writing, and, of course, career—and that made all the difference in the world since the overarching goal for me is always to integrate my work into my life, into my dreams. A beautiful experience!"

Li Yun Alvarado

Poet, Parent, Puerto Rican! ¡Wepa!

Li Yun helps writers like you get intentional about crafting a writing life you love and an author platform that will help you reach your big, dreamy, knock it out of the park writer goals.

Through her writing, advocacy, and teaching, she also strives to amplify Puerto Rican and other underrepresented voices while supporting aspiring and emerging writers -- especially women writers of color.

She is the author of the chapbook Words or Water (2016) and her poems and essays have appeared in several journals and anthologies including: Raising MothersWise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education; VIDA Review; Aster(ix); CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action; L.A. Parent; The Acentos Review; PALABRA, A Magazine of Chicano and Latino Literary Art; and Modern Haiku, among others. 

She has served as the Senior Poetry Editor for Kweli Journal and is a member or alumna of Women Who Submit, VONA/Voices Writing Workshop, and AROHO. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Fordham University and a B.A. in Spanish and in sociology from Yale University. 

Li Yun is a native New Yorker living in California who takes frequent trips to Salinas, Puerto Rico to visit la familia.

Visit www.liyunalvarado.com to learn more.

Write Your Year

$25 USD

Buy Now

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